Our Staff

School Administrators

S. Harrington Principal Email 
Mrs. M. Wong Vice-Principal Email 

Counselling Staff

Ms. S. Jayarajh Counselor

Office Staff

C. Cai Administrative Assistant
G. Fuchs Administrative Assistant


Division Grades
N. Zhang Band Teacher, ESL/RESOURCE Blog 
B. Evans Teacher 4 Grade 2, Grade 3
K. Kaerne Teacher 10 Grade 4, Grade 5, EFI
B. Leslie Teacher 6 Grade 1, Grade 2 Class Website 
Mrs. R. Maika Teacher 2 Grade 5, Grade 6
K. Martyniuk Teacher 9 Grade 6, Grade 7, EFI
J. McLeod Teacher 3 Grade 5
N. Mills Teacher 7 Kindergarten
E. Mirhosseini Teacher 13 Grade 2, Grade 3
B. Ray Teacher 1 Grade 7
Mr. M. Rostrup Teacher 8 Grade 6, Grade 7, EFI
K. Selby Teacher 4 Grade 2, Grade 3
Ms. K. Soo Teacher 5 Grade 3, Grade 4
R. Story Teacher 15 Kindergarten, Grade 1 Email 
Mme K. Stroh Teacher 12 Grade 2, Grade 3, EFI
V. Tardif Teacher 16 Kindergarten Website 
Ms. V. Yamamoto Teacher 11 Grade 3, Grade 4, EFI
S. Yick Teacher 14 Grade 1, Grade 2 Website 

Support Staff

C. Branion Educational Assistant
S. Cabral Educational Assistant
L. Dutka Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. P. Guo Educational Assistant
K. Innes Educational Assistant
Mrs. K. Leclerc ELL/RESOURCE
Mrs. V. Lockhart Educational Assistant
B. O'Toole Educational Assistant
L. Pedersen Librarian
D. Santelices Custodian
L. Seney Noon Hour Supervisor
M. Shi Educational Assistant
Mr. B. Van Wynsberghe Resource and ELL
F. Kowall Speech and Language