Re: Long Range Facility Plan Update

Dear Dixon Community,


Re: Long Range Facility Plan Update:

There is no easy way to say this. By now, many of you who have been involved with the public engagement process have checked the Let’s Talk website. You perhaps know the news regarding the Superintendent’s recommendation to the Board of Education to close Dixon School. As the news of this recommendation begins to sink in, we are all likely to feel a myriad of emotions.

Going forward, there will be a variety of opportunities in the near future for us to learn more about our circumstance, and to talk. For starters, I will be attending a meeting at the School Board on Monday and will learn more. I have already spoken with our PAC co-chairs Lisa Fisher-Hagel and Megan Riter. We will continue to work closely with our PAC Executive and we will be discussing this during our PAC meeting on Tuesday September 20th at 7:00pm. 

Finally, the School Trustees will meet with us at Dixon on September 27th at 6:30pm to listen to any questions and concerns we may have before they make their final decision on October 17th. In the event that the Board chooses to close any or all of the schools recommended for closure, the affected school communities will be supported with closure committees. These committees will have representatives of parents, staff, administrators and students (wherever possible). The Chair of our Committee will be Area Superintendent Lynn Archer.

If you have questions or comments, please join us at the PAC Meeting on Tuesday September 20th at 7:00pm. If you are unable to attend the PAC meeting, you may also send your thoughts via email to dixon@sd38.bc.ca and/or our PAC Executive at dixonpac@gmail.com

Regardless of the final outcome on October 17th, we are determined to continue supporting each other through this difficult time. 

Like always, we together will make this year a year to remember.


Take care,

Bill Juhasz

Fri, 2016/09/16 - 3:02pm