Our Focus 

We are working towards developing stronger connections with our learners and the school community.  With a focus on the core competency of developing Social Responsibility, we hope to develop, build, and maintain a school culture that provides a wonderful school environment where our students feel valued, supported and an important part of the Dixon school community.


As this is our second year focusing on social responsibility continue to scan our learners and learning environment for areas that we need to address.  One common theme we are recognizing is that our students have wonderful knowledge and understanding when it comes to  telling us what behaviours and attributes are needed to ensure we are providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all Dixon students.  We already understand that more work is needed to have our students develop a more "internal understanding" of these concepts.  We believe that this work will translate in seeing a tranformation of student actions, instead of only hearing about "blue ribbon" behaviours.

Moving forward 2020/21

We continue to work with our social responsibility matrix.  Honouring Self, Honouring Others, and Honouring the Environment.  The current situation of being in a pandemic (COVID 19), we face new challenges to create and maintain a community of learners at school.  Due to new COVID protocols, we have group students into two class cohorts (ie 16 divisions = 8 cohorts).  We have worked hard to ensure students and staff maintain physical distancing (2 m) when interacting with others from outside their cohort.  To help create an environment that helps maintain physical distancing, students have staggered lunch and break times.  Students are also assigned a rotational schedule of play areas to help keep cohort students together during less structured times in the day (like Recess and Lunch).  It is challenging to focus on social responsibility when our circumstances limit social interaction with others, especially for students not in the same cohort.  Teachers continue to use and teach with our "Honouring' matrix.  We are curious about the information we will get from our students when asked questions asked from Judy Halbert and Linda's Kaser's Spiral of Inquiry  These questions include:

  • Can you name two people in this setting who believe you will be a success in life?

  • What are you learning and why is it important?

  • How is it going with your learning?

  • What are your next steps?

We are hopeful that the answers from these questions will help guide our focus for Social Responsibility to include a connection to improved learning for students at Dixon School.