The Dixon staff is excited to learn more about how e-portfolios can enhance communciation of student learning.  Working with district staff and developing some school guidelines around e-portfolios, we hope to learn how we can continue to improve our communcation of student learning.  We strongly believe that using e-portfolios is a positive step in enhancing both parent and student engagement in their learning.

New Innovation Focus? We are really working to provide more meaningful feedback for our parents and students around the progress and development of learning for each child in school.  We would like to focus on implementing a school wide e-portfolio program that provides information and perhaps some guidance for our learners and families.


What Inquiry Hunches and Question(s) do we have?

We have a very active parent community at Dixon who enjoy being involved with their children.  We believe that implementing e-portfolios will be a valuable asset for having our Dixon families better understand and support their children in school.


Evidence of Student Learning: What differences do you hope to see for student learning?

What might be used to demonstrate evidence of student learning?

Once the technical part of developing quality e-portfolios is understood, we would like to create some parameters around what exhibits a quality post and how many of these posts should be expected from each classroom teacher.  We would like to involve our parents in our e-portfolios this year and ask them if and how e-portfolios helped them understand their child’s learning and how it help them support their child’s learning.  The results of this survey would help inform staff how to proceed with e-portfolios in the future.