Craft Our Fair!

Ever wonder why our kids aren’t sent home from school with coupon books, chocolates, cookies, cookie dough, pies, gift cards, giftwrap and the kitchen sink to sell?  It is the philosophy of Dixon PAC to fundraise through inclusive community events (ie. movie nights, craft fair) and services to parents (ie. hot lunch) rather than asking you to add a “Salesperson” hat to those you already wear. 

The Dixon Craft Fair is our #1 fundraiser of the year and we need all hands all deck to make this fantastic event happen.  You can lend a helping hand in a variety of ways:

Before the Fair:

  • Planning & organizing – We need “wranglers” to coordinate areas such as raffle, auction, gingerbread house, cakewalk, bake sale, concession, face painting, volunteers, 50/50 draw.  This doesn’t mean you have to bake 50 cakes if you sign up for cakewalk; we just need someone to be the contact point for cakewalk & make sure everything is in place for the fair. 
  • Marketing
    • Share our event located on the Dixon PAC Facebook page by inviting your friends, marking Like, Interested or Going as well as commenting on vendor posts; the more activity we have, the more people our event will reach.  
    • Does your coffee shop, gym, or grocery store have a community board?  Stop by the office to pick up craft fair posters to help spread the word or print a copy from the Dixon PAC website. 
    • Invite your family, friends and neighbors by word of mouth – we love sharing our great community with others!
  • Donate a bottle of wine – Our Wines Around the World auction has increased in popularity over the years; share your favorite with others!  Donations may be dropped at the office.
  • Donate to the Silent Auction/Raffle – Do you have a product or service you’d like to donate?  Are you looking for an alternate means to market?  Do you work for a company with a matching program for charitable donations?  If you know a business that can contribute, there is a donation request letter that may be printed from the Dixon PAC website.  Our silent auction and raffle is a fun addition to our crafters, we appreciate any and all contributions. Donations may be dropped at the office.
  • Bake – We’ve seen some off the chart goodies at movie night, we know you baking divas are out there and kids love love LOVE you.  All nut-free goodies for the cakewalk and bake sale will be swarmed over. 
  • Signs – A seemingly minor yet very important task!  How will people know where the cakewalk is, or the washrooms?  We need sign-makers to let people know where things are at – materials provided. 

At the Fair:

  • Set up & Take-down – We need help with the set up and clean up of different stations, tables & chairs, lighting/music before and after the fair.
  • Staff various stations & jobs – We’ll need help running concession, selling raffle & 50/50 tickets, working the bake sale & cake walk, keeping an eye on gingerbread decorating, making sure face painting doesn’t get too wild & crazy, and many many more jobs the night of craft fair.  Please sign up for a shift!

Please email fisher-hagel@shaw.ca if you can help &/ have questions

This is OUR fair Dixon Dragons, let’s make it happen!

Thu, 2017/10/26 - 1:07pm