PAC Meeting Minutes - October 2017 Meeting

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of Meeting of October 16, 2017


PAC Members Present:

Sandra Townsend – Co-Chair

Karin Schweizer – Co-Chair

Lisa Fisher – Immediate Past Chair

Volker Helmuth – Secretary

Karen Fisher-Hagel – Fundraising

Lyn Yang - Fundraising



Laura Gillanders – Treasurer

Diana White – Fundraising

Pilar Ramos – Coordinator - Early Warning program


Dixon Administration Presents:

Sean Harrington – Principal

May Wong – Vice-Principal


Parent Guests

1. Welcome & Introductions

PAC members and parents attending introduced themselves.


2. Review and Approval of Agenda



3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Reviewed as posted on the PAC website.  Approved unanimously.


4. Administrators’ Report

Sean Harrington reported the following:

  • In order to best communicate with parents about their children’s learning, teachers will continue to see to develop the “e-portfolio” concept that some teachers piloted last year.  The next professional development day will focus on this subject.  Also, as so many teachers are new to Dixon and even new to teaching, student learning will again be reported through the traditional use of letter grades.  The following professional development day will focus on curriculum development.  Of note for parents is that the School District will be offering a movie that explains the new curriculum, on December 2nd.  Contact the School District for more information.
  • Provincial standardized testing, the “FSA tests” will take place earlier this year and parents will again receive their children’s results.
  • School sports are already in full swing with cross-country running training and the final run at Gary Pont coming up, as well as volley-ball training and gaining starting soon against other local schools.
  • The schedule for children taking part as office monitors and making school announcements has been published.
  • A Remembrance Day assembly will be held on November 10th.


5. Drinking Fountains Lead Issues

Sean Harrington advised that drinking water dispensed through the “water-bottle fill station” is well under allowable lead limits.  Lead levels in water in the normal drinking fountains may contain unacceptable lead levels after the fountains have not been used for a period of time.  As a result, the traditional fountains are being decommissioned and will not be able to be used by students anymore.  The school is looking to install additional “bottle fill stations” to meet student demand.


6. Teachers’ Wish List

The PAC applies funds it has raised through fundraising, and expends provincial “gaming grant” funds to meet various school and student needs.  Sean Harrington advised that financial assistance is requested for the following:

  • outdoor sports equipment;
  • musical instruments for primary classes;
  • in-class microphone systems equipment; and
  • water-bottle fill stations.

Following discussions about the priority and cost of each, the following motions were brought:

Motion – Sandra Townsend moved that $2,500 of gaming funds be authorized to be transferred to the school, to be spent on a water-bottle fill station. Seconded and approved unanimously.

Motion – Lyn Yang moved that $1,000 of gaming funds be authorized to be transferred to the school, to be spent on playground sports and activities equipment. Seconded and approved unanimously.


7. Treasurer’s Report

As Laura was absent, no report was presented.


8. Fundraising Committee Report

Karen reported that:

  • movie-night earned approx. $600, and the District PAC is still pursuing a less expensive movie licence that all school would share; and
  • planning for the Craft Fair is well underway - 38 vendors have signed up - and many raffle and silent auction items have been collected, but more are still needed!


9. Dixon Dragon-Wear

Sean Harrington reported that clothing items with “Dixon Dragon” on them are being identified and ordering will be through an on-line order and payment system.  Options are being explored for “hoodies”, different from the grad-class hoodies, which can be ordered by students in any class.


10. Hot Lunch Payment Policy

Lyn advised that, as “Munch-a-Lunch” orders are parent managed, if a child is absent on a lunch day it is up to the parent to cancel on-line or the parent can pick their child’s lunch up at school or donate it to the school for general distribution.  The Pac cannot and won’t facilitate a refund for a missed lunch. 


11.  Emergency Kits

Sean Harrington reported that he met with School District officials and has asked for direction and leadership from the District in relation to the procurement, content and management of school Emergency Kits, and that the School District advised they have it on their agenda.  In the meantime, the “expiry dates list” needs to be reviewed and one or more parent volunteers are needed to coordinate an inventory review.


12. Guest Speakers / Events

Sean Harrington to review options for speakers to attend future PAC meetings, in support of PAC development.


Motion to Adjourn Meeting:

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED that meeting be adjourned, at 8:00 p.m.


Next Meeting November 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Dixon.


Mon, 2018/04/30 - 8:17pm