PAC Meeting Minutes - November 2017 Meeting

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of Meeting of November 20, 2017

PAC Members Present:

Sandra Townsend – Co-Chair, Karin Schweizer – Co-Chair, Lisa Fisher – Immediate Past Chair, Laura Gillanders – Treasurer, Diana White – Fundraising, Karen Fisher-Hagel – Fundraising, Lyn Yang - Fundraising, Pilar Ramos – Coordinator - Early Warning program, and Volker Helmuth – Secretary.

Dixon Administration Presents:

Sean Harrington – Principal and May Wong – Vice-Principal.

Parent Guests


1. Welcome & Introductions

Sandra opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

2. Review and Approval of Agenda


3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting


4. Administrators’ Report

Sean Harrington and May Wong thanked Karen, Lyn, the PAC and all the volunteers for their efforts lead to the very successful craft fair.  Updates included:

  • a meaningful Remembrance Day ceremony was held, thanks to the efforts of a number of teachers;
  • there will be holding a “body science” teaching session (referred to as “sex education” in previous generations) for parents to attend in the evening of Feb. 15 and in school for students on Feb. 16. presented by an instructor who has presented the same sessions in past years;
  • the school held a mock “lock-down” drill and will do so again in the spring term;
  • the Scholastic book fair will take place late this month; and
  • other upcoming events include:
  • Dec. 1 - jingle bell run;
  • Dec. 8 - reports cards issued (will include “letter grades” again;
  • Dec. 21 – Christmas concert; and
  • Jan. 8 – school restarts.

Sean Harrington reviewed the list of funding support needs identified by teachers in a recent internal review (refer to “teachers’ wish list – item 6 in the minutes of the previous PAC meeting).  Various items ought to, and possibly can be acquired with school funding, and will be assessed in light of budgeted funding.  Booster seats, for school trips, were identified as an item that PAC funding could help procure.

MOTION – Sandra Townsend moved that $850, plus applicable tax, be authorized to be transferred to the school, to fund the “body science” presentations.  Seconded and approved unanimously.

MOTION – Sandra Townsend moved that $500 from gaming funds be authorized to be transferred to the school, to purchase booster car seats.  Seconded and approved unanimously.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Laura distributed financial statements and provided an overview of current financials.  Updated budget details will be presented in January.

6. Fundraising Committee Report

Karen reported on the craft fair.  Vendors filled all 40 tables and additional vendors would have liked to participate.  Without Diana, Lyn, Sandra and Karen’s tremendous efforts, and the help of many others, it would not have been possible.  Their efforts made the vent a success!  Karen also recognized the help of the McMath student volunteers who helped set up, run events and stayed to take everything down at the end of the night.  A financial accounting will be presented at the next PAC meeting.

The Hot Lunch program is running well and the Cyclo Vietnamese restaurant has donated back $1 per ordered lunch.

MOTION – Following discussion, Karen Hagel moved that $1,000 from regular budget funds be donated to “Feed-Ucate”, a program that provides in-school breakfast programs to children in need, as well as take-home food.  The PAC supported this program last year and in previous years as well.  Seconded and approved unanimously. 


Motion to Adjourn Meeting:

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED that meeting be adjourned, at 8:00 p.m.

Next Meeting January 22, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at Dixon.


Mon, 2018/04/30 - 8:18pm