PAC Meeting Minutes - January 22, 2018 Meeting

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes of Meeting of January 22, 2018


PAC Members Present:

Sandra Townsend – Co-Chair

Karin Schweizer – Co-Chair

Lisa Fisher – Immediate Past Chair

Laura Gillanders – Treasurer

Karen Fisher-Hagel – Fundraising

Lyn Yang - Fundraising

Volker Helmuth – Secretary

Dixon Administration Presents:

Sean Harrington – Principal

May Wong – Vice-Principal


1. Welcome & Introductions

Sandra opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


2. Review and Approval of Agenda



3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of Nov. 20th, 2018 meeting approved.


4. Administrators’ Report

Sean Harrington reported:

  • the PAC is being thanked for providing 7 car booster seats to allow small kids to attend school events when driven by parent volunteers;
  • report Cards came early in December to allow meaningful length of time before next issue;
  • work continuing with E-Portfolios to assess how to sue them to convey meaningful work for students and parents;
  • innovation grant provided to C. Loat and C. Bourne, in the amount of $2000;
  •  the winter concert was a success and the teachers and students created  a wonderful community feel;
  • “body science” (previous referred to as ‘sexual education’) will be presented by Saleema Noon for parents from 6:30 to 8:00 on Feb. 15 and for students on Feb 16 as classroom instruction.  A letter will be sent home in early February with details;
  • The Sun Run club is being lead by Ms. Maika, Mondays and Thursdays 7:40 to 8:30;
  •  Dixon basketball teams are being coached by Mr. Hunter, Ms. Soo, Ms. Wong, Mr. Rostrup, Mr. Martyiuk, Mr. Ray and Mr. Harrington, and parent Tim Carkner.
  •  Student in-school Dragon teams are being set up across age-groups and classes for;
  •  the next professional development days is January 26th;
  •  Student talent shows will take place from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2;
  •  Dixon Carnival will be held on Feb 21;
  •  a “FSA’s grade 4/7 Satisfaction Survey” will be sent out to parents in the near future;
  •  highschool transition sessions for grade 7 students will begin;
  • Family Day is Feb 12th – no school; 
  • Feb. 24 is the next professional development day;
  • earthquake preparedness discussions are being engaged in with the School District;
  • students are working on “10 days of kindness” initiatives; and
  • administration and teachers’ funding wish list is being refined to determined what is outstanding and may be brought forward as PAC funding requests; which may include:
    • water station needs assessment (new station ordered with PAC funding provided previously,
    • Vancouver Opera schools program;
    • 2 classrooms require projectors; and
    • IPAD inventory being done to ensure there are enough for students.

Motion – Karin Schweizer moved that up to $1,200 be approved to fund the Vancouver Opera program coming to Dixon.  Seconded and approved unanimously.


5. Treasurer’s Report

Laura reported that she will work with other PAC members to deal with updating current financials.


6. Fundraising Committee Report

Karen reported that the PAC is looking for opportunities for matching grants.  Food-days continue to be successful.  Consideration is being given to organizing another movie night in April.  Ideas are being sought to provide funding support for the Quebec trip, such as possibly selling emergency kits.


7. School Emergency Supplies

Sandra reported that the School Board supports the need for school emergency supplies and intends to work towards associated goals over the next years.  In the short term, Dixon’s emergency water bottles and snack bars require replacement.


8. Additional Items

Volker suggest that, to work towards PAC member succession planning, PAC members could try and bring a guest to each meeting, who might have an interest in PAC involvement.


Motion to Adjourn Meeting:

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED that meeting be adjourned, at 7:45 p.m.

Next Meeting February 19, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at Dixon.


Mon, 2018/04/30 - 8:17pm