PAC Meeting Minutes November 18, 2019

PAC Meeting Minutes - Meeting of November 18, 2019

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee

Location: Dixon Elementary School


PAC Members Present:


Chair - Jennifer McMillan

Co-Chair - Rebecca Van Der Hijde 

Treasurers - Laura Gillanders and Billie Caffrey 

Secretary - Michelle Gibault-Fahlman

Fundraising - Lyn Yan, Diana White, L’nielle Cajigas


And Parent Guests




Dixon Administrators Present:


Principal Sean Harrington

Vice-Principal May Wong


  1. Welcome and Introductions

Jennifer McMillan called the meeting group to order at 7:00pm and welcomed all present. 


  1. Review and Approval of Agenda

Jennifer motioned for the approval of the agenda.  Motion approved by all. 


  1. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Jennifer motioned for the approval of the minutes of the meeting held October 21, 2019.  Motion approved by all.


  1. Administrators’ report

Principal Sean Harrington reported as following upcoming events, which include the following;

  • Friday, November 8th 9:15 Remembrance Day assembly went well. 
  • Student Reporting Pilot Project (SRPP): parents should have all received an invitation to access student portals. 
  • Congratulations on very successful and enjoyable Craft Fair
  • Volleyball is wrapping.  Thank you to coaches Mr. Ray, Mrs. Leslie, and Ms. Kaerne
  • Dragon teams start tomorrow for students in Kindergarten to Grade 7s.  One of the goals is that the students learn the names of students outside of their classes.  
  • No school Friday, November 22nd – Professional Development Day
  • Book Fair – November 25 to 28th
  • Hip hop presentation on the evening and afternoon of December 11th
  • JINGLE BELL RUN – December 13th
  • Seleema Noon is booked.  There will be a parent meeting on January 29th and student presentation on January 30th.
  • Teacher Wishlist is posted – staff are adding items.  One item discussed was to purchase basketball jerseys.  A motion was presented to spend $2000.00 from the gaming fund to pay for the jerseys.  The motion was MOVED by Rebecca Van Der Hijde, SECONDED by Laura Gillanders and APPROVED by all.  


5.  Guest Speaker: Ms. Rachel Maika


Healthy Living Week planned for January 13 - 17, 2020.  Activities will include a variety of athletic activities (running, stretching, boot camp, yoga, games) and healthy snacks.  Ms. Maika requested assistance from the PAC for financial assistance for food, financial support for instructor, and food preparation assistance in the morning. Rebecca Van Der Hijde MOVED to spend up to $325.00 for the program, SECONDED by Diana White, and APPROVED by all.  


6. Treasurer’s Report

Laura Gillanders advised that most signing authorities are done.  


7. Fundraising Report

  • November 14, 2019 Dixon Craft Fair was successful in raising approximately $6,500.00!  
  • Further fundraising for the remainder of the year will be through lunchtime pizza days and hot lunches. 
  • Next school movie night will be before spring break.  


8. Richmond District Parents’ Association (RDPA) Report


RDPA group meets monthly.  PAC is open to having a parent volunteer(s) attend the meetings and share information with the PAC.  


9.  Additional Items





October 21, 2019

November 18, 2019

Jan 20, 2020

February 24, 2020

April 20, 2020 - Annual General Meeting

May 25, 2020

June 15, 2020


Motion to Adjourn meeting:

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED that meeting be adjourned at 8:00pm. 


Next 2019/2020 PAC meeting scheduled for January 20, 2020.   


Sun, 2020/01/05 - 9:02pm