May 25, 2020 PAC Meeting Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes - Meeting of May 25, 2020

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee 

Location: Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions on social gatherings 


PAC Members Present: 


Chair - Jennifer McMillan 

Treasurer - Billie Caffrey 

Secretary - Michelle Gibault-Fahlman 

Fundraising - Lyn Yang, L’nielle Cajigas, Diana White 


And Parent Guests 



Dixon Administrators Present: 


Principal Sean Harrington 

Vice-Principal May Wong 


1. Call to Order 


Jennifer McMillan called the meeting group to order at 7:05pm and welcomed all present. 


2. Review and Approval of Agenda 


L’nielle motioned for the approval of the agenda. Billie APPROVED the motion which was SECONDED by All. 


3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting 


Diana motioned for the approval of the minutes of the meeting held February 24, 2020. Lisa APPROVED the motion which was SECONDED by all. 


4. Treasurer’s Report 


Two documents were reviewed in detail: 

A/ The Profit and Loss Comparison for September 2019 - August 2020 

B/ The Balance Sheet Comparison as of August 31, 2020 


A/ The Profit and Loss Comparison for September 2019 - August 2020 


· The 2019 Craft Fair was more financially successful than the 2018 Craft Fair. 

· There has been lost funding as a result of cancelled Dragon Days, Movie Nights, and Munch a Lunch. 

· Total Fundraising for the 2019/2020 school year is $39,129.95 

· Expenses were reviewed, including expenses from the Gaming Fund which include $3,635.00 for the Hip Hop dance classes, $600.00 for the garden, $400.00 for the bookclub, and $400.00 for the Grade 7 graduation. 

· Mr. Harrington advised that there will be some unused moneys returned to the PAC, from cancelled field trips, EA allotment funds, and classroom allotment funds. 

· The remaining gaming funds will go to the Dixon garden project 

· It is unknown if there will be any changes to the Gaming Fund from the government next year due to COVID -19 related financial challenges. 

· There are two $300.00 scholarships awarded to a Dixon student graduating from McMath and Hugh Boyd High schools. Mr. Harrington advised that he would speak with the Principals from the high schools to discuss how to give the scholarship money to the students. 

· Yearbook for Grade 7 students. PAC will provide yearbooks to students in lieu of a celebration, at a cost of $800.00. 

§ Diana motioned to use $400.00 from the Track and Field Fund to top up the Grade 7 Graduation Fund, APPROVED by Billie, SECONDED by All. 

· Even though our revenues were less in 2019/2020 due to cancelled fundraising events secondary to COVID 19 pandemic, we are still OK financially for the 2020/2021 school year. 


B/ The Balance Sheet Comparison as of August 31, 2020 


· Gift Fund: Currently shown as 1 line item at $1,200.00. Historically we have given $1,000.00 to Feeducate to give food to families in need, and usually the Gift Fund would be split into 2 line items (not as a subset, but each as their own item). Each line item would read; 

§ Gift Fund $200.00 

§ Feeducate Fund: $1,000.00. PAC will f/u and determine if this has been paid for the 2019/2020 school year. 

· PAC Office Supplies Fund and PAC Photocopier Fund: Gail will send a bill to the PAC for office supplies/ photocopies. 

· PAC Speakers Fund: will leave for the 2020/2021 school year 

· PAC Track Fund: $86.56 remaining (see note above, $400.00 reallocated to the Grade 7 graduation fund.) 

· Supplies Fund (emergency): Roll forward to 2020/2021 school year to update Earthquake kit. In the past, we keep left over food/ drinks from food days as extra supplies for the emergency kit. However, this year we will donate remaining food to Feeducate due to COVID-19 pandemic and time away from the school. Mr. Harrington will contact Feeducate to arrange donation. 

· Munch a Lunch Refunds: parents will receive credits for the 2020/2021 school year. $95.00 issued in refunds to parents who requested refunds. 

· Gaming Fund: Change line item from “uncommitted” to “garden project” 


5. Fundraising report 


The Fundraising Committee has met and are brainstorming ideas for fundraising in light of restrictions/ precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already fund-raised for the 2020/2021 school year. If fundraising is down in 2020/2021, this will impact the 2021/2022 school year. 


6. Chair’s Report 


It was agreed that the date of next PAC meeting will be on June 15, 2020 and that this will be the Annual General Meeting of the PAC. 


7. Next Meeting Date 


The PAC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Parents will be invited to attend Zoom meeting. 


8. Adjournment 


Motion to Adjourn meeting: 

MOTIONED, SECONDED and CARRIED by All that the meeting be adjourned at 8:07pm. 



A huge thank you to the Dixon staff and administration for their hard work and community spirit as we navigate uncharted waters in unprecedented times. Although we are apart, our community remains together and focused on a bright future for our children. Stay safe!

Mon, 2020/06/29 - 5:59pm