PAC Meeting Minutes of February 24, 2020

PAC Meeting Minutes - Meeting of February 24, 2020 

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee 

Location: Dixon Elementary School 


PAC Members Present: 

Chair - Jennifer McMillan 

Treasurers – Billie Caffrey, Laura Gillanders 

Secretary - unable to attend 

Fundraising - Lyn Yang, L’nielle Cajigas 

And Parent Guests 


Dixon Administrators Present: 

Principal - Sean Harrington 

Vice-Principal - May Wong 


1. Welcome and Introductions 

Jennifer McMillan called the meeting group to order at 7:00pm and welcomed all present. 


2. Review and Approval of Agenda 

Jennifer motioned for the approval of the agenda. L’nielle Cajigas approved the motion, which was SECONDED by Federica Carcani. 


3. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting 

Jennifer motioned for the approval of the minutes of the meeting held November 18, 2019. Lyn Yang APPROVED the motion, which was SECONDED by Jennifer. 


4. PAC Report 

A copy of the BCCPAC sample PAC bylaws was distributed. More discussion on bylaws will take place at the AGM. 

The BCCPAC conference will be taking place in May. Jennifer will discuss funding with the PAC treasurers. 


5. Administrator's report 

Principal Sean Harrington reported as following upcoming events, which include the following; 

· Seleema Noon sessions have taken place. The parent information session took place on January 29 with the in-school session for students on January 30. 

· The Mid-Year Learning Summaries were posted to the e-portfolios on February 7. 

· There was a band concert on February 10 (1:30 and 6:30 pm). The Hugh Boyd band performed on February 18. 

· Carnaval took place on February 13. The day was a success. 

· Pink/Kindness Day will take place on February 26. 

· Early dismissal will take place on Thursday, February 27 for parent/teacher conferences. 

· The Grade 7 Farewell planning meeting will take place on March 9 at 7 pm. An invite has been sent to the parents. 

· Basketball has started. Special thanks coaches Mr. Ray, Ms. Soo, Ms. Wong, Mr. Tasaka, Mr. Martynuik and Mr. Rostrup. A tournament at Boyd will be held on March 2-3, and at McMath on March 10-11. 

· March 13 is the last day before Spring break. March 30 will be the first day back at school. 


6. Treasurer’s Report 

The treasurer handover from Laura Gillanders to Billie Caffrey was discussed. Laura has done all reporting up to December 31, 2019. Laura gave an overview on application deadlines for the PAC. Billie and Laura will create a treasurer manual as a reference tool. There are PAC treasury files that will be moved to the school. 


7. Fundraising Report 

a. Hot lunches 

Feedback from parents on the hot lunches is encouraged. 

b. Movie Night 

Plans are underway for another movie night, which has been confirmed for April 3, 2020. 

c. Craft Fair 

The fundraising team discussed silent auction items for the craft fair and how there may be a need to campaign earlier in the year. 


8. Richmond District Parents’ Association (RDPA) Report 

The RDPA group meets monthly. The PAC is open to having a parent volunteer(s) attend the meetings and share information with the PAC. There was no new information regarding RDPA. 


9. Additional Items 

a. Online Safety 

Sean Harrington and May Wong provided an overview of online safety measures that are in place while students use school computers. At this time, a teacher supervises computer use by students. The school district has provided a program that allows teachers to monitor all screens in use at one time. 

The school district has a firewall in place. Sean will enquire with the district for more details. 

b. Vendor Offer to Dixon Families 

The topic of an offer from a local vendor was discussed and how it might be distributed to parents. The fundraising parent group will approach the vendor to see if there is a way to do this without using the PAC social media or newsletter. 

c. Yearbooks 

The topic of a school-wide yearbook was discussed. Due to privacy barriers and a lack of available resources and volunteers, there will not be a school wide yearbook. 



October 21, 2019 

November 18, 2019 

Jan 20, 2020 

February 24, 2020 

April 20, 2020 - Annual General Meeting 

May 25, 2020 

June 15, 2020 


Motion to Adjourn meeting: 

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED that meeting be adjourned at 8:16pm. 


Next 2019/2020 PAC meeting scheduled for April 20, 2020 for the AGM.

Mon, 2020/06/29 - 5:52pm