PAC Meeting Minutes January 20, 2021

PAC Meeting Minutes January 20, 2021

Dixon Parents Advisory Committee

Location: Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions on social gatherings


PAC Members Present:


Chair: Jennifer McMillan

Co-Chair: Teg Bains

Treasurer: Billie Caffrey 

Secretary: Michelle Gibault-Fahlman

Fundraising: Lyn Yang and L’nielle Cajigas

And Parent Guests


Dixon Administrators Present:

Principal Sean Harrington


1. Welcome

Jennifer McMillan called the meeting group to order at 7:06pm and welcomed all present. 


2. Introductions

All present introduced themselves. 


3. Review and Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was APPROVED by Jen, SECONDED by Billie. 


4. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting held on November 16, 2020, were APPROVED by Jen, SECONDED by Billie, and CARRIED by all.  


5.  Administrator’s Report

  • Math Manipulatives have been ordered. 
  • Bollywood Dance Program to be scheduled
  • Tents are being ordered. 
  • January 15, 2020 Black Shirt Day.  Students are encouraged to wear a black shirt to school in support of anti-racism and treating all members of our world in kind and respectful ways. 
  • Dixon Running Club has started.  March 11, 2021 (tentative date) Dragon Dash.  April 13, 2021 virtual Sun Run.  Thank you for Ms. Maika for her continued leadership for this program!  Thank you also to the teachers and parents for their support!
  • Upper intermediate lunch-time intramural sports starting, beginning with basketball, within cohorts. 
  • Mid-Year Assessments will be available and E-portfolios will be updated at the end of January.  Proficiency scales will be used.  Please note that proficiency scales are not the same as grades. 
  • February 8 to 12, 2021: Toonie Talent Show
  • Toonie Talent show – Filmed during the week of Feb 8th to 12th.  Money raised goes to a school in need in the Philippines. 
  • January 29, 2021 professional development day - no classes for students. 
  • February 12, 2021 professional development day - no classes for students.
  • February 15 to March 10, 2021: Grade 4 and 7 FSA Exams.  There is a different expectation for students to write the exams this year.  Additional information will be given to parents.  
  • DARE program with grade 5 students happing on line now with Cst. Kandola. 
  • MDI (Middle Years Development Index) happening soon.  Additional information will be sent to families. 
  • Grade 7 transition planning for high school underway. 
  • February 10, 2021 Artona retakes.  Feedback from students and families has been provided to Artona and they are planning some changes for next year.  
  • Mr. Harrington has requested a paved path to access the playground, as it is currently not accessible, and is awaiting a response. 
  • School has requested that the whole running path around the school be replaced, and are awaiting response. 


6. PAC Chair’s Report

  • Planning on creating a guideline for fundraising activities. 
  • Planning on updating PWC Bylaws. 


7.  Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer provided a year to date update.  Budget & Year to date numbers – comparing the budget we voted on back in November 2020 to our year to date total as of December 31, 2020 so that we can see how much cash is still available for use.

1. Gaming Account

      a. No changes

      b. Received grant $6,460.00 in October 2020

      c. Actual cash balance in the Gaming Account is $12,689.84

      d. As of December 31, 2021, we have not written out any checks yet for the budgeted expenses.

      e. Budgeted expenses include outdoor learning space budgeted from 2019, fine arts fund, scholarships, the Grade 7 Graduation and outdoor tents.


2. General Fund Account

      a. Opening balance of about $26,635.00

      b. Munch-a-lunch actual donations totalled to $3,309.00

      c. Fundraising deposits received:

              i. Mom’s pantry total of $1,188.68

              ii. Other deposits – confirm with Lyn (Herbal Glo & DFS).

              iii. Parent donations of $330.00

      d. This Increased our cash available by about $4,390.00

      e. Expenses

             - PAC fundraising expenses – these are operating items that we did not budget for

             - Herbal Glo orders of $1,414.00

             - This decreases our cash.

      f. Munch-a-lunch checks that we wrote totalled to $2,863.25. As of end of December, $1,306.00 cleared. So we still have about $1,556.81 outstanding

      g. Budgeted expenses: there haven’t been many changes, so we still have all these balances available.


8. Fundraising Committee’s Report

  • Mom’s Pantry fundraiser: $3,568.00 in sales, with $1188.68 fundraised. 
  • DFS fundraiser: $4,386.00 in sales, with $1,798.00 fundraised.  
  • Herbal Glo fundraiser:  $2,640.00 in sales, with $1,210.00 fundraised.  
  • Past Craft Fairs have generated $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 in fundraising. 
  • Committee is looking at fundraising ideas such as plants and partnering with local restaurants.  
  • A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraising initiatives. 



9.  Additional Items

  • none


11. Adjournment 

Meeting be adjourned at 8:00pm. 


The next PAC meeting is scheduled for February 22, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom. 

Sun, 2021/02/21 - 9:22pm