Black Shirt Day

Dixon is proud to have more than 90% of staff and students showing their support for anti-racism in our world by wearing black shirts on Black Shirt Day.  

The Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver proposed a Black Shirt Day for January 15th, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. 


The purpose of Black Shirt Day is simple: to get more conversations started about racism and civil rights, all leading into February, which is well-established as Black History Month.  Our hope is that we can promote awareness and encourage discussion to help create a world that values all people.


We highlighted this day with announcements that included a vocal story of Viola Desmond, who in 1946, in Nova Scotia, faced prosecution because she refused to give up her seat in a theatre that was intended for white people only.  It took 65 years before Viola's crime was pardoned.  Today we honoured Viola's stand against racism.  Canada will be honouring Viola in the near future by having her face on our Canadian Ten Dollar Bill.


Together we help create positive change in our world!  Dixon Pride - Honouring Others.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021