Dixon Pride - Kick Off!

We were excited on the morning of September 18th, as Dixon staff and students kicked off our new social responsiblity matrix - Honouring self, others and the environment.  Primary and intermediate students were surveyed the week before around areas that are directly related to our Dixon Pride motto.  Tons of Fun, enjoyed by both staff and students.  Special thanks to our game contestants, game show host and to the students for providing such meaningful responses.  Mrs. Pedersen also did a wonderful job creating a fun and interactive game show on the computer... Just like the real thing!  A great way to introduce our new social responsibility motto/matrix.

Here are the questions students were asked... real responses were used in the game show!


  1. What do 100 students from grade k-3 think you need to do to take care of your body?
    1. Eat healthy food
    2. Drink Water
    3. Exercise
    4. Brush your teeth
    5. Sleep
  2. We surveyed 100 primary students, and asked them “What do you say to yourself when you are trying to do something that is hard?”
    1. “I/you can do this”
    2. “Don’t give up”
    3. “Keep on trying”
  3. How do you calm down when you are upset or sad?
    1. Take deep breaths
    2. Hug someone
    3. Rest
    4. Ask for help
    5. Eat food



  1. According to 120 primary students, what does someone who is kind and a good friend do?
  1. Say nice/kind words
  2. Share
  3. Include/play with others
  4. Help others
  5. Encourage


  1. We surveyed our intermediate students, and asked them, “How can you show that you are a good sport?
  1. Don't whine or get upset if you lose
  2. Say good game
  3. Play fairly
  4. Don't rub it in or brag if you win
  5. Don't quit if you are losing


  1. What do our grades 4-7 students believe you should think about and do before you post something on-line?


  1. Ask permission
  2. Put yourself in their shoes
  3. Is it appropriate?
  4. Would you wear it on your shirt?



  1. We surveyed 110 primary students, and asked them, What is your favourite place in and around the school?
  1. The park
  2. The gym
  3. The Garden
  4. The computer lab
  5. The classroom


  1. 120 grade 4-7 students were asked, “How do you honour your school environment?”


  1. Pick up garbage and don’t litter
  2. Water the plants
  3. Clean up after yourself
  4. Don’t damage buildings
  5. Take care of books
  6. Recycle properly


  1. We asked 100 K-3 students why is it important to care for your environment?
  1. To protect animals
  2. To keep it clean and safe
  3. So we don’t waste things
  4. To stop global warming/pollution


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021