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Our acknowledgments

Focus: How can we support all learners to identify a sense of connection, belonging and positive personal and cultural identity in our Dixon Community?


This year students have had the opportunity to come together in multigrade groups to explore place. As shown in previous posts, students listened to Indigenous stories, watched videos and were given time to share about their own stories and how they came to be in this place. Each student had a chance to create their story in loose parts (see action post), draw a flag of a country of their family’s origin (see action post) and write a personal land acknowledgement.


Evidence: Primary students drew pictures about what the land has given them and what they are grateful for (see picture). Intermediate students wrote personalized land acknowledgements. One class of Grade 4/5 spent additional time writing and revising personal land acknowledgments. When asked for volunteers to present, there were many.  They presented their personal land acknowledgements at the remainder of the assemblies this year (The year-end band concert – picture of the acknowledgement in this post, the Recognition Assembly – picture of the acknowledgement in this post and at our first Indigenous People’s Day outdoor gathering – pictures in this post). These students are starting to appreciate the land that we learn and live upon, they are starting to understand more of the history of this land and they are finding their own voice to help everyone find a place upon it in the future.


Next steps: We will continue to have collaboration time next year. We will give students opportunities to share their stories and their learning. Together we will take the next steps on our journey.

Updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2023