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A Snowy Day

Connected Community

First People Principles – Learning requires the exploration of one’s identity.

Strategic Priority 2

Goal 1 District learning environments are equitable and inclusive

Objective 1. Support all learners in developing a sense of connection and belonging and a positive personal and cultural identity.

Our School Focus

How can we support all learners in identifying a sense of connection, belonging, and positive personal and cultural identity in our Dixon Community as we walk together, share our stories, and learn together?


Our Dixon community is busy, creating a deep sense of community and belonging. Our staff and students collaborate and share learning together. Across our school, several events support this goal and prove that we are progressing towards this focus.

A Snowy Day – our school winter musical – all of our 340 learners had a role to play in a school-wide performance on December 14th. We came together to sing and dance about snow. Our staff and students practiced and rehearsed their songs and dances. The students decorated the gym, and our parents came in to help create a backdrop. The magical sense of winter, snow and performing in a big show resonated with the students. Sample comments

From a grade 1 student, “We get to do two shows!”

From two grade 6 students, “We have never had a show like this before; we love the stage and the decoration; thanks for bringing this to Dixon; it will never be forgotten.”

From parents, “Thank you to all the Dixon staff for putting together this musical; our family enjoyed coming to the school and seeing our children so happy performing as a group and being part of a school-wide initiative.”

Updated: Saturday, January 13, 2024