PAC Meeting Minutes of October 17, 2022

Dixon Elementary School

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)


Meeting Agenda

Monday October 17, 2022, 7:00pm

Dixon Library


PAC Members Present:

Chair: Jennifer McMillan

Co-Chair: Teg Bains

Treasurers: Billie Caffrey & Florence Tan

Secretary: Shawne MacIntyre

Craft Fair: LJ Cajigas

Dixon Administrators Present:

Principal Kirsten Wallace


Regrets: Lisa Kanavaros (Hot Lunches), Charissa Anderson (Fundraising) and Colleen Orzen (Vice-Principal)



  1. Welcome & Introductions

Jennifer McMillan called the meeting group to order at 7:03pm and welcomed all present. 


  1. Review and Approval of Agenda

The agenda was APPROVED by ____, SECONDED by ____.


  1. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were APPROVED by Billie. Shawne has posted the June and September minutes to the Dixon website.


  1. Chair Report
    1. Spirit Wear

Project organizers Colleen and Rose couldn’t attend this evening. Our current vendor, Gord at Creative Insignia, has provided good quality spirit wear in previous years; he is currently doing the Grad Hoodies. Though we are happy with the current vendor, the organizers considered the vendor Sport Factor as a new supplier; they offer an online store and fundraising on top. If we consider the fundraising element, we would only add a few $ per item. (see for examples of Sport Factor’s products)


The PAC has the following questions for Colleen and Rose: if we add the fundraising element, will the goods still be accessible for all? If not, can we look at pulling from our Student and Family Affordability Fund to assist? If we go forward with the new vendor, how much would they charge us to either create a vector file (if we can’t get it from Gord and Kirsten cannot find it in her files) or do the artwork setup for the logo? Discussion to continue.


  1. Treasurer Report

Jenn went through the PAC Budget for the 2022-2023 school year.

    1. GAMING
      1. The PAC Gaming Grant Cash available is $12,400 and budgeted expenses are $8,485.
      2. Changes are the: removal of the Outdoor Learning Space spending, the Scholarships line has been moved to Operations as this is no longer permitted in the Gaming grant; the Pumpkin Fund line will be covered by the Neighbourhood Grant; the Speaker Fund is not applicable this year (Saleema Noon every other year); the Grade 7 Camp has already happened this year so no longer an expense; Fine Arts Fund amount of $2,210 will fund the Dance Program.
      1. The PAC Operations Budget is $30,045.
      2. Changes are the: removal of the Emergency Supplies Fund (District has taken this over); the addition of Scholarships as a line item ($600) from Gaming; the addition of Band Room Enhancements ($350) as a line item to pay for band room posters that are more representative of modern composers; increase of PAC Teacher/Admin Appreciation Fund (suggested it be changed to STAFF Appreciation Fund) to $600 and suggestion we may do more creative ideas that a lunch this school year.
    3. Kirsten shared that a request had been made for Munchalunch coverage from a family. Discussion ensued about how to use the Family Affordability/Support Fund on the backend of Munchalunch and provide the student with food while maintaining confidentiality. One suggestion was Kristen will tell Lisa K (Hot Lunch Coordinator) to manage it on the backend so the parent will not be charged. Another suggestion was for Billie to pay for it herself and pay herself back? A solution is in progress.
    4. Florence APPROVED the above changes and Teg SECONDED. All voted in favour. Passed.


  1. Fundraising Update
  1. Charissa was not in attendance but provided the following update: Movie Night has been delayed because of login issues with the license and IP address. Charissa is to call Kirsten on Wednesday so she can search through her work orders and give Charissa the info.
  2. Purdy’s is booked. They only have a maximum of 150 pamphlets so each child will not be able to take one home. The order deadline is right after the Craft Fair and chocolate pick up will be early December. 
  3. Pumpkin Run: The Neighbourhood Celebration Grant will be used to pay for the pumpkins this year. Despite the fact some classes are going to the pumpkin patch this year, everyone still wanted to do the pumpkin run. Discussion ensued regarding the high cost of the pumpkins so we will not get pumpkins for the run next year.


  1. Lunch Days Update

Lisa was not in attendance and there is nothing to report. Kirsten commented that the last lunch day went well.

  1. Craft Fair Update

LJ reported that all the big volunteer lead spots have been filled so the Craft Fair will proceed.

  1. Administrator Report
  1. Kirsten reported that the Camp Zajac experience was amazing, the pool was great, and the kids had a terrific time. 72 kids ended up going with 2 returning home due to illness.
  2. ‘Run for Fun’ at Garry Point was successful and enjoyed by the children.
  3. On the playground, the kids’ stretches are confidence, organization and self-regulation with regard to resolving conflict. Kirsten talks to them about limbic system, brain science, “brain flip.”
  4. Information about the Student and Family Affordability Fund guidelines will be going into the next newsletter.
  5. Paper report cards are back and will be going home again.
  6. Gail Fuchs has retired; she was an incredible asset to the school and she will be missed. Sara Estrada is the new Head Administrative Assistant and is in the process of learning about the school and its operation, etc. so all could help her learn the ropes.
  7. Jenn noticed the PAC Meetings are not in the school website’s calendar.
  1. Questions & Discussions
    1. LJ raised the question of Dixon hosting a Babysitting Course. Previously this was a line in Operations as the PAC paid for the course; the fee is comparable to community centre costs. It was decided to table until the next meeting on November 28th. Jenn will have more info at that time.
    2. PAC Treasurers will have a Google Form to share with all teachers/admin so they can enter their receipts there for compensation. Teachers can also take a picture and upload it to Forms so we move away from paper and make the process easier overall.
    3. Teg inquired about what type of raffle items the Committee is looking for. LJ and Jenn indicated we need big ticket items (eg: Canuks tix, GC to restaurants; wine; passes to the Oval, Kidtropolis, etc.) in addition to smaller items. A call-out will be going into the next parent newsletter. Additionally, there’s a tracking form on the Craft Fair Google Doc so we don’t hit up the same businesses repeatedly with requests.
    4. Previously, money raised from the Timbit Challenge was used to buy raffle items for the Craft Fair. It was decided we’ll not go forward with the Timbit Challenge this year. Jenn suggested the Craft Fair borrow $500 from PAC Operations to purchase prizes. (The school made approx. $1,200 in profit in previous years). It was suggested the PAC raffle ‘free’ prizes such as ‘Principal for a Day’ and ‘Front Row seats at the Holiday Concert’ with parking (or not!). Raffle tickets will be sold the night of for $5 for one, $20 for 5 tickets.  A motion was put forward that the Treasurers will add a line to OPERATIONS listed as Cost of Goods Sold/Craft Fair = $500.

This motion was APPROVED by Teg, SECONDED by LJ, all approved and the motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:13pm.

Updated: Tuesday, October 25, 2022