Our School Story

A little bit about us...

A.B. Dixon is a elementary school that has 320 students and has both a French immersion program and an English program.  The teachers and support staff at A.B Dixon are a very knowledgeable, creative and dedicated group of educators who care tremendously for the growth and development of children and work collaboratively to educate a diverse student population. Staff and parents also ensure there are a variety of extra curricular opportunities for students outside the classroom (e.g. student council, sports teams, Dragonflies Gardening Club,  etc).  Staff and the school administration appreciate and work closely with a very supportive PAC.  We value the high level of parental involvement in the life of the school.  Our students are focused on their learning through frameworks offered by our Core Competencies and by redesigned curriculum. Our staff and students thrive in our amazing connected learning community. Once a Dragon always a Dragon! 

School Mission Statement

"Together we support each other in our quest for personal excellence and value the richness brought to our community through cultural and individual diversity”.

School Motto

Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together.

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