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Our School Story

Our Focus

How can we support all learners in identifying a sense of connection, belonging, and positive personal and cultural identity in our Dixon Community as we share our stories of walking and learning together? 

#Dixon Pride - Honouring Self, Others and Our Environment 

A.B. Dixon is an elementary school in West Richmond. Our school is made up of 340 learners, over 40 caring staff, and a fantastic parents group that works towards supporting our learners on their learning journey. We are fortunate to have two vibrant programs in our building; our neighbourhood program draws students from our direct neighbourhood, and our District Program Option Early French Immersion program draws from greater Richmond. 

School Mission Statement

"Together, we support each other in our quest for personal excellence and value the richness brought to our community through cultural and individual diversity”.

School Motto

Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together.

Our Action Posts